Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Crayola Big Box

When I was a kid, shopping for school supplies was always a thrill.  Picking out your trapper keeper, cool notebooks, and of course, the biggest box of crayons you could get.  The one with the built in sharpener and colors like "raw sienna" and "hot magenta" (because plain old magenta just wasn't enough).

So it's no surprise that I am loving the bright colors we're seeing everywhere.  I'm really diggin' the colored pants trend.  Let's face it, sometimes wearing the same ol' denim gets boring.  I've got a couple of great colors already but I've been on the lookout for "magic mint" green, "cerulean" blue, "cerise "pink, and maybe a red.  What?  Sometimes ya need a classic color in the mix...

Remember one of my "paper dolls", Michelle?  We recently celebrated a friend's birthday and Michelle wore some fantastic purple pants.  Perhaps "mulberry" in our Crayola terms?

She looks amazing as always, right?  You might remember that Michelle has a slight love affair with Ann Taylor Loft.  The pants and shirt are both from there.  As much as I love the outfit, it's the shoes that I want to sneak into her closet and steal.  They're Jessica Simpson--who I absolutely love when it comes to jeans and shoes by the by.  (If you're also loving all the cool stuff you see in the background--and you live in the Triad NC area-- check out our favorite store, Vintage Jane)

What color jeans/pants will you be rockin' this spring?  I hope you find an amazing color straight from the Crayola big box.

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  1. I thought that was Vintage Jane! Haha, raw Sienna. Irony. I miss you so much Ashley, wish I was still taking your improv class. I actually may start teaching one at my school. I may need your help on a proposal, so email me!