Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rainy day blues?

I'm not a fan of the rain.  I don't have fun rainboots and I don't like getting wet.  (Though I DO enjoy jumping in puddles so there's that.)  It's gray and drab and sad looking outside.  Which is the PERFECT time to add a fun pop of color!

Since it's still technically winter, tights are a great vessel for your fun color.  I love all the jewel tones right now so when it rained this week --and I knew I couldn't wear any of my super fun shoes-- the only fashion answer for me was colored tights (plus an excuse to wear a hat and not worry about my hair.)

This outfit is a whole lotta Forever 21.  They should totally make me their spokesperson.  Fun fashion at super cheap prices.  The dress, tights and scarf all came from there.  Nothing over $15.  The hat is from Old Navy and the boots are Frye.  Not my usual cheap thrifty footwear but my husband surprised me with these for Christmas a couple of years ago.  Love them.

Colored tights might not seem like a big deal, but they will instantly jazz up your outfit and make you feel a little more fun. Or quirky.  Or offbeat.  Or all three.  Here's another colored tight look:

Now, let me be honest here.  I actually would not normally wear my outfit above as an everyday outfit.  The yellow is kinda bright with the red shoes but it totally worked for a photo shoot we were doing.  I DO however love Elesha's rust colored tights with the neutrals.  Very fun.

Who knows if we have much tights- wearin' season left, but I'm betting you can find some on clearance somewhere and incorporate it in an outfit this week.  Let me know which color you rock!

Have fun getting dressed!

PS  You may be wondering why Elesha and I are randomly walking across a street carrying signs that say "Exit Stage Left".  Then again, if you know us, you might not have questioned it at all... Either way, we were doing a photo shoot for the opening of our new webshow called, you guessed it, "Exit Stage Left".  It'll be up and running later in the week!  I'll update with a link then. Watch perhaps??

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