Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everyday YOU are a paper doll...

OK. This is the first post of the Paper Dolls blog. So I feel it's important to explain it a bit... I promise most posts won't be this long!  (Did you see how I inserted "most"... I like to have loopholes.  What can I say? I'm a talker...)

Anyway, this blog was started because I received lots of messages, had lots of conversations and generally felt that enough people wanted some outfit ideas AND some fun girlfriend night out ideas.  Enter: The Divas.

The Divas are comprised of 6 ladies.  Each of us very different in style and personality (ok, some of us are more similar, but you get my meaning... we're not all carbon copies!) These 5 women are my best friends on the planet.  We came up with the name Divas (which was actually "Diamond Divas" back in our early days...we always wore fabulous bling to our events) after having a girls night and discussing those wild and wacky "Red Hat" ladies.  Why should we wait till we're 60 to have a fun girls group?  And so it began...

This blog will feature all 6 of us Divas as my "Paper Dolls" so there will be plenty of diversity with style.  I'm sure you'll find one you identify with.  I'll also periodically include fun Diva nights to get your brain revving with ideas for "girls night" for you and YOUR group of divas.

Soooo... let's get started!  Fair warning: You'll get a lot of "Ashley Style" in this blog since I'm the writer and I have access to pictures of, well, me.  But never fear!  My lovely divas will be featured paper dolls as well.  So check back weekly.  Also, the pictures will get better I pinky swear, but for now, here's what I wore to Diva Christmas (in February. Because we can.)

I've been trying not to buy too many clothes since I'm still not to my pre-baby weight.  I decided to shop my closet and see what I could come up with.  I have to admit that most of these items are OLD.  I love this skirt from the GAP.  I bought it several years ago and haven't pulled it out of my closet since 2 winters ago... I'm a packrat... ya never know what will come back around!  The shirt is from Express.  I rarely shop that store but their fitted dress shirts are fantastic and I got this one on a huge sale around Christmas time about 3 years ago.  The shoes are from Target (actually this past season so you might can score them on clearance).  I didn't have a wide black belt, so I found an old tie that my hubby doesn't use anymore and made it into a cummerbund.  I just tied it and then pinned the large angled side  down. I love finding stuff in my closet (or my husband's!) and thinking of new ways to wear it.

So, there ya go.  A quick run down of the idea behind "Paper Dolls", an intro to my Diva girls, and hopefully some fun style ideas for you to try this week!

Have fun getting dressed!

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  1. Love it! You are so fun and I am looking forward to what your fabulous mind comes up with!