Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet Michelle

Michelle is our "classy" diva.  Although she will go all rocker on you, so watch it.  She’s a fan of Ann Taylor Loft and this picture proves her undying love.  The shirt, pants and shoes are all from the Loft.  Even the clutch is from there! (but from a while back, sorry ladies!  It’s not available anymore) By the way, this picture was taken in Michelle’s foyer.  Great house filled with goodies from Vintage Jane . Check out their blog, their facebook page or if you live in the Triad, go visit them!

The shirt is super silky feeling (yes, I felt her shirt. Don't judge.) and the pants are too cute with a high waist and gold buttons.  Simple and elegant.  Michelle has this to say about her style: "As I get older I totally understand the importance of lifetime pieces!  I believe in making any outfit pop with the right bag or shoes. A great bag can completely transform any outfit.  This year my theme is all City Girl Chic.  I totally get my inspiration from other fashion bloggers.  I love style and want to help everyone find their style too!"

Thanks Michelle!

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